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Section 1: B - Beginning at the End

Section 2: - Eventually You Surrender

Section 3:  I - Identifying Your "Why"

Section 4: N - Negotiating With the Past

Section 5: G - Gearing Up for a Fight

Section 6: F -  The Four F's

Section 7: A -  Food Addiction and Relapse 

Section 8: T -  The Complete Weight Loss Program

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  • Finding Your C.O.R.E. {Center Of the Reason you Eat}
  • Letting go of Blame, Anger, Resentment and History
  • Tying together your present with your past
  • Using food to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Deciding what to fix and what to feel
  • Learning all the triggers in a variety of eating situations
  • How to set boundaries, say no, ask for what you want
  • How to lose weight in regular every day foods like others
  • Part II: Complete Weight Loss Program

Topics in the book:

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"My top weight was almost 400 lbs. Don't let anyone tell you, YOU have a problem with food. You don't have a problem with food. YOU have problems and you go to food-there is a big difference. I've fought the battle from a very young age and will fight it until I die but I have learned to manage my addiction the majority of the time and have created the life I was born to have during the process. I want to show you how to read your food so you can identify what is wrong and take the steps to solve it. But you have to be ready. There is no easy way, you aren't the exception to the rule, you will have to face issues you have buried and I assure you, you will come out on the other side knowing exactly how to lose weight and create your best life!"  Author, Debra Taylor, M.S.

Coming January 1, 2019

Now That's Just Stupid: WEIGHT, What?, will teach you how to lose weight eating regular every day foods. There is nothing wrong with chocolate or pizza or bread or anything else you think caused your obesity. It's the WHY you ate too much is where the problems lie. This book will show you how to use the foods you want to eat to lose weight, how to get more movement when you're ready but most of all it will go inside your soul and pull out the reasons behind your food addiction and teach you the tools to solve it. 

It's bold. It's realistic. It's hard. But it's not hard to lose weight, it's hard to face the issues.

WEIGHT, What? includes a complete weight loss program: using the food you choose [in addition to any doctor's restrictions you may have to consider], exercise for those who hate it {down the road} and an intensive behavioral program woven in from the beginning.  The foods you go to 'tell a story' and will pinpoint the "who" in your weight loss journey that started the problem and the many scenarios that happened afterwards. THEN those same "go to foods" will show you how to solve your issues and build your best life.

Sections in the book:


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