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​Life has a lot of moving pieces and contributing factors that brought you to where you are today. The Now That's Just Stupid platform will delve into many of these areas {below] in addition to walking you through the complete book chapter by chapter and question by question. We now have our virtual classes, webinars, online conferences, retreats and two new books coming toward the end of 2017! Many of our programs contain the following topics and journeys:

  • Empowerment from Within
  • When Hurt Becomes the Reality
  • A Sleeper Cell With God
  • Women and Wisdom
  • Purpose Driven Life
  • Shedding Stupid
  • Interpreting Food Language 
  • Changing Life's Direction
  • The Noise Effect: Fix, Feel, Forget
  • Changing Your Story | Changing Your Life
  • ​Hearing the Whispers of Purpose
  • Behavioral Weight Management

Who Is The Ideal Client

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Our ideal participant is someone who is ready to find their purpose, make changes in their lives, heal from past hurts and create their best life. Whether it be professionally or personally our programs will give you the tools to make the shifts, changes, additions and deletions necessary for change. All you need is one of the devices above as our content will be right here on our website. Should you want to be on the show with us, you will need a web cam and microphone. Otherwise your device above is all you need.

Our Virtual Education Center is on the cutting edge of providing inspiring, passionate and strategic skill sets in real time on your schedule. For many it's next to impossible to attend all the classes, conference and summits needed to make real, lasting changes in our lives. Now, you don't have to. With the Virtual Education Center ​and a click of a button, you can bring all our information to your finger tips. Our programs will work on any device and if you can't participate live, you can maximize the downloadable re-plays as often as needed.

Some courses will be free and you can share often. The more intensive programs {in our educational suites} will have a fee. We have made all our programs cost effective to give you the training, support and information needed to design your best life and live out your purpose.

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Stay tuned as the book Now That's Just Stupid: Living Life from Pain to Purpose will be brought to you in our Educational Suites with Author Debra Taylor taking you through each chapter step-by-step and answering all your questions in your own journey.

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