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You are never as powerful as the day you finally admit,  "Yes, I can" followed by action and then results. Go!

Debra's keynotes, conferences, workshops and leadership luncheons can be adaptations from the book or custom presentations that fit your desired end results. Some past popular topics are:

  • Empowerment from Within
  • When Hurt Becomes the Reality
  • A Sleeper Cell With God
  • Women and Wisdom
  • Purpose Driven Life
  • Shedding Stupid
  • Interpreting Food Language 
  • Changing Life's Direction
  • The Noise Effect: Fix, Feel, Forget
  • Changing Your Story | Changing Your Life
  • ​Hearing the Whispers of Purpose
  • The Business Icon Within
  1. Decide date, time, place for event

  2. Determine if you need a keynote, full or half day conference, luncheon or other type of speaking engagement.

  3. Call, email or send the contact form and we can assist with best options



For your next event, bring in Debra Taylor—an energetic, innovative, passionate speaker who will motivate your audience and give them the tools they need to “find their purpose” and design their best life!

Her inspirational journey of enduring life's tests from rock bottom to overcoming enormous obstacles will touch hearts and make those in the audience want to start to do the work and begin to heal. Then they will be able to put the tools in place to achieve their goals. From start to finish the attendees will be entertained, challenged and empowered to take the necessary steps needed for personal and professional success.

Debra is available to speak to your organization, business, church group or other gathering where people need to make a difference and start living on purpose. The majority of the speaking engagements are fee based, however select audiences and time of year will dictate unpaid appearances. 

now that's just stupid

Story Angles and Topics

Debra Taylor is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on success, leadership and network marketing topics, articles and interviews. All content provided is customized for your specific industry, needs and target outcomes. 

how does it work:

Choose a Speaker that will inspire your audience to make real changes in their lives and the world around them. Contact Debra today to bring her in for your next event.