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Jameson Grey Publishing will be accepting new authors in 2017 for marketing, branding and publishing services outside of the Now That's Just Stupid Living Life Series. If you are a new author in need of the business development side of your manuscript contact us.


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Jameson Grey Publishing was created in order to maintain full ownership of all the books, seminars, broadcasting, television and products stemming from the Now That's Just Stupid Life Training Series. The logo was designed to represent the many components that brought the book to reality. With the time, tears and trails that went into each story, the need to protect the integrity, the concepts and lessons was a driving force to ensure the message would be received in it's truest intent. Communication is only as good as the receiver perceives it to be. By maintaining all rights and ownership each story, every speaking engagement and all media exposure will be designed for healing the pain and finding the purpose of those in attendance.

"The concept of  Now That's Just Stupid: Living Life from Pain to Purpose, grew out of a journey that encompassed going full circle from a broken young girl into womanhood consumed with regret, emptiness, insurmountable damage and choices that had no guidance. Walking away from someone you love once is devastating but to have to do it twice consumes your soul and takes the life out of your being. When all the broken pieces shattered across every area of my life, I couldn't put them back together again. I simply didn't know how anymore. Instead, by the grace of God, I chose to feel what needed felt, fix what needed fixed and to forget what no longer served a purpose. My goal was to make sure love was salvaged on the other side. With the same love that saved me coupled with the love that destroyed me, God wrapped his wings around my heart and healed the way toward my purpose. That I will take to my grave as the memories are tattooed on my being so I will never forget the person or the journey from Pain to Purpose." ~Debra