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Online Program

with one year maintenance support

Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Centers- Do you need a customized behavioral program? Are you looking to expand your services and treatment options? Our program is:

  • Done on a computer, iPad or phone
  • Customized to your brand or left as ours
  • Provides pre and post aftercare for all Bariatric procedures
  • Year long support and maintenance program
  • Corporate | Group Discounts or Referral Fees

12-Week Behavioral Weight Management Program

"Weight WHAT?"

  • 12-Weekly Modules with in course discussion forums

  • 8-10 Lessons PER weekly module includes Audio Guidance, Downloads and Quizzes

  • ​60-Hours of Behavioral Counseling from trained counselors [overseen and guided by staffed PhD}

  • Progress Reports for Module Completion for ease in starts and stops of material

  • Weekly Live-Group Chats and Q & A's  {60 minutes} with Founder, Debra Taylor, PhD. M.S.

  • Downloadable Food and Behavioral Log with Emotional Graphing 

  • ​Email or text mail weekly reminders and motivational tips

  • One-year Support and Maintenance Aftercare Program

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Lifetime membership in our Private Facebook Group 

  • Payment Plans Available | Full Price Discounts 

  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund*

Now That's 

​Just Stupid

Affiliate Programs + Bariatric Centers


AFFILIATE AMBASSADORS - Individuals and businesses can become ambassadors of the "Weight, What?" online program for free. Once you sign up, you will have your own login page for your custom referral link and be able to refer individuals to our program. You will also be able to see your referrals and your payouts. There is no limit to how many referrals you do.

Each referral earns you $50 whether the participant finishes the program or not. We believe in our program and all the lives it has already changed. If you would like to become a part of it simply fill out the contact form and we will get you set up in 24 hours. Nothing more for you to do but refer and make money. 

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