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Now That's Just Stupid: Love Letters to God, will take you through a journey of intimate conversations with God through a love HE delivered and then requested back. It will pave the road through heart ache and rising while learning to love yourself and understand 'why' God does what He does when we don't understand.

The first part of the book: are actual letters written to God about a man who appeared out of nowhere, awakened a soul love and had to be given back to God for His Purpose not the desires of the heart.

The second part of the book: is the journey through the letters within a group of individuals who could only write their questions and not speak. Each letter, step of the journey, break down and breakthroughs were guided through biblical stories to fully understand God's purpose above our own.

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  • Loving from your soul on a level that God determines
  • Understanding how God walks through our lives
  • Knowing how to find the lesson in the rubble
  • What to focus on when everything falls apart
  • How to let go when everything about you wants to hang on
  • How to turn off the noise in order to hear God
  • When your steps are ordered and how to recognize them
  • When you come up short and wonder what you did wrong
  • When you want to fix, change, make it better but you have to be still

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A - Love Letters

   - 2:30 Am

   - Take the Long Way

   - That Voice

V - The Process

   -  Mourning the Obvious

   -  The Color Green

   -  Reality Check

E -  Eventually You Stand | The Ladder Up

R - Recognizing Home | When Suddenly Arrived

I  -  Igniting the Fire | In Due Time

T  - Trust in the Timing | Good Morning Beautiful

T  -  Truth in the Trials | What Do You See

E  -  Edge of Eight | Never Ending

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Soft Cover Book


NTJS: Love Letters to God

"If you have ever loved with your soul and then lost and wondered where God was the whole time this book is for you? It will walk you through the rubble of heartache and then the rising in God's lessons, protection and love. Even if you don't believe in God you will gain strength, trust and an inner belief that you can withstand whatever life has to throw at you and overcome it". Debra

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