The book, Now That's Just Stupid: Living Life from Pain to Purpose, includes sixty-four true, short stories about life happenings, relationships, business conflicts, lessons we didn't get, people we should have left behind and pain that hasn't healed.

At the time we make the decisions or live out the choices, we may not realize just how stupid the situation is and how much damage it may be causing. But somehow, we end up being or feeling very stupid or ashamed or hurt and often remain paralyzed to get past it. We've all been there at different points in our lives only some hide it better than others and some are still strolling down the stupid trails waiting for things to be different. 

Throughout this journey, we will be posting videos to help you through various chapters that are posing to be more difficult for individuals to heal. Click back often for specific videos and live streaming as we want to walk this journey with you from pain to purpose!

  • Relationships we have with our parents {good, bad, non-existent}
  • Addictive Behaviors that lead to destruction, Drugs, Mental Illness 
  • Betrayals, Affairs, Failed Marriages, Regrets, Children, Purpose
  • Being Gay, Suicide, Domestic Violence, Molestation, Failure
  • ​Rock Bottom, Rebuilding Your Life, Finding Strength, Real Changes​
  • ​Hating Exercise, Food Language, Cutting People Loose, Goodbyes
  • ​Leading, Finding Your Passion, Being Authentic, Living Your Truth
  • Understanding business dynamics, recognizing what success is
  • Overcoming long term obstacles, developing strategic changes
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Sections in the book:

"I tell people that ask me about the book that it's not about balloons and unicorns and warm fuzzy happy places. It's about hard issues that change the course of our lives and force us to cope with issues or run from them. At the end of each chapter are stupid thoughts that contributed to getting off the beaten pathway and then questions to help you find your way to healing and ultimately your purpose. " ~Debra Taylor, Author

NTJS: Living Life from pain to purpose

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"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving inside of you....a joy like no other."

Topics in the book:

  • Start a Conversation that Matters​
  • Living the Lessons​
  • Wait,  What!?
  • Family, Friends and Faking It ​​
  • When Love Isn't
  • Being the Best You
  • Business to Business
  • The Light In the Tunnel

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Soft Cover Book


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