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Coming Fall 2018

Our Education Suites include:

  • Emotional Weight Loss 
  • Finding Your Purpose 
  • Relationships: Good, Bad and ? 
  • Personal Growth 
  • Healing from Life Battles

​Now That's 

Just Stupid

Now That's Just Stupid: Living Life from Pain to Purpose is involved in many conferences, workshops, seminars and book signings throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Check back often to see what we are involved in and how we can come to your event and be a speaker.

Our speaking events are based on various adaptations of the book. You do not have to have read the book in order to gain insights and benefits from attending each of the different type of events. However, reading the book will give you an extension of the lectures to personalize your journey from working through your pain and finding your true purpose.

Ongoing programs

Our Virtual Education Center will take you from where you currently are in your life and lead you directly to your purpose. We will explore strengths, weaknesses, difficult areas that haven't healed and develop a plan to feel, fix or forget chapters in your life that no longer serve you. This journey through your life will give you the skill sets to achieve your best life. 

The mission is simple: eliminate the pain and discover your purpose

Our Empowerment Programs will target individuals in all walks of life who are simply stuck and can not find their purpose. Their lives aren't what they had imagined, their career choices are of necessity not of passion and they don't feel like they are where they should be. If they have a relationship, it may not be fulfilling and family, people and choices have created an emptiness that has caused an existence with no purpose. We're about the change that!

We will be offering:

  • FREE Webinars
  • Virtual Book Club
  • 8, 10, 12 Week Programs
  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Group Training and more


  • You can participate in live or replayed events
  • Schedule webinars when its convenient for you
  • You can work in groups or individually
  • You can participate in live chats
  • ​Most programs are downloadable with handouts
  • No more struggling with parking or a seat for a seminar
  • Works on all devices including iPads, phones, laptops 
  • There will be facebook groups and an online book club
  • Most importantly you will get life answers for hard situations and have the ability to heal and create your best life and life within your purpose

The book Now That's Just Stupid will be developed into videos chapters read and discussed by Author Debra Taylor


Virtual 12-Week Online Program


Soft Cover Book | Kindle Download


Weight Management Program