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Who's It For?

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Who's It For?

COMING 01.01.19

If you have ever loved...and lost...and wondered where God was during the whole time you needed him this book is for you! It will show you the lessons, the messages and the love He has for us when we simply don't understand His ways. If you need the permission to love anyway, this is for you.....

For the habitual dieter who knows it MORE than just about the food...RELEASE DATE: Available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble Fall 2018

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Who's It For?

What is it about?

Released November 2016

Living Life from Pain to Purpose

If you feel like you wasted your life with bad choices, broken promises and you woke up one day and your life it's yours anymore, this book is for you. You may not know where to turn or where to start, but you will find pieces of you in this book to get you on on the right path. Even if your outside persona doesn't reflect your inner turmoil, it's time to make them get into alignment so you can live your best life.

​​Love Letters to God

Now That's Just Stupid: "Living Life from Pain to Purpose", includes sixty-four true, short stories about life happenings, relationships, business conflicts, death, suicide, dysfunction and recovery from lessons we didn't get, people we should have left behind and pain that hasn't healed.

At the time we make the decisions or live out the choices, we may not realize just how stupid the situation is and how much damage it may be causing. But somehow, we end up being or feeling very stupid or ashamed or hurt and often remain paralyzed to get past it. We've all been there at different points in our lives only some hide it better than others and some are still strolling down the stupid trails waiting for things to be different. 

Each chapter is 5 pages long [easy, concise read] and at the end of each chapter are thoughts that got you into the situation and most importantly​ questions

Now That's Just Stupid: "WEIGHTWhat?"

Whether it's 5 pounds overweight or an extra 500 pounds, the mental weight is the same and the behavioral pathway journey is never ending. Some continue to spiral to avoid the real issues and others ride the roller coaster as a distraction to not heal, to control, manipulation or to ease the pain.

You DO NOT have a problemwith food or lack of have problems-stuff-issues-hurts-pains-losses and you go to food to cope and you stay immobile because of the emotional weight. You know how to lose weight. You know how to exercise. You are a dieter mastermind! What you don't know how to do is to heal the holes inside of you so you won't need extra food to fill them.

Food choices will tell you what emotion has been activated, who started and where the deeper issues are buried. It will also show you your greatest strength and together with these tools you can eat regular food and treat it like those that don't use food to cope and redesign your best life.

What is it about?

The behavioral and emotional eater who has tried every diet many times over only to put the weight back on and more. It's time to let go,heal and solve the real issues underneath your weight.

Now That's Just Stupid: "Love Letters to God", will take you through a journey of intimate conversations with God through a love HE delivered and then requested back. It will pave the road through heart ache and rising while learning to love yourself and understand 'why' God does what He does when we don't understand.

The first part of the book: are actual letters written to God about a man who appeared out of nowhere, awakened a soul love and had to be given back to God for His Purpose not the desires of the heart.

The second part of the book: is the journey through the letters within a group of individuals who could only write their questions and not speak. Each letter, step of the journey, break down and breakthroughs were guided through biblical stories to fully understand God's purpose above our own.

What is it about?

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Released August 2017