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"Write a book? Me? Yes. My soul has so much to say to those that feel less than; to those that never quite felt like they made it, to those that have so much love to give but no where for it to land. When you aren't sure, when you need confirmation or the chatter gets to be too much then Now That's Just Stupid is for you. The Living Life from Pain to Purpose series will take you on a journey through difficult and some times painful life events and then devise a plan of questions to find your way out of the mess and into the happiness.

I'm Debra Taylor and I want to walk this journey with you."    

the Beginnings


Debra Taylor has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Working for herself and weaving the ability to risk, try, fail, get up and do it over again, she has acquired many decades mastering the art of letting go of stupid. Having several businesses over the years and traveling nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker, her expertise, wit and hard hearing lessons are life changing. Debra’s compassionate demeanor coupled with being down to earth and a straight shooter provides practical solutions to difficult life situations. Her entertaining delivery of information and authentic style of rising from the trenches will give you tools that you can do, be, change, achieve and conquer whatever you set your mind out to do.  

For ten years, Debra traveled the United States and overseas sharing motivational seminars for behavioral change, self-development and life changing conferences. She has written a series of weight management training manuals for hospitals, health centers and aftercare programs for morbidly obese surgical weight loss clients. She was the morning radio host of the BRAG About It Morning Radio Show and Indy Wedding Ideas Radio Show and has been on countless television news, style and entertainment shows for her various career roles. 

Debra now focuses on her Life Training Series of workshops and conferences throughout the United States as well as church and corporate arenas. Her short stories and thought provoking solutions from Now That's Just Stupid | Living Life from Pain to Purpose transforms and inspires audiences to find their purpose and create their best life. Since initiating the Now That's Just Stupid, Inc. brand, "Love Letters to God" book has been released and coming Fall of 2018: "Weight, WHAT?" book and complimenting virtual 12-Week Behavioral Weight Management program with a full year maintenance program will be released.  

Debra resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her son Noah and two pugs {Bronx and Booca}, one rescue chihuahua {Oliver} and her bulldog {Brutus}.