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RELEASE DATE: Available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble August 31st

NTJS: Living Life from Pain to Purpose

NTJS: Love Letters to God

Now That's Just Stupid

If you ever loved and lost and wondered where God was during the journey this book is for you!

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Where we walk the journey to your purpose!

Released November 2016

Debra Taylor, Author | Speaker

No, you aren't Stupid! But, you may do stupid things thus resulting in a downward spiral and achieving your life's mission. Why are you here? Why do you keep going around the same mountain and not getting the lesson? Why aren't you getting what you want? You have the answers, you just have to get the "stupid out of the way" and walk your journey to the other side. You have to do the work.

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Get a sneak peek of: "Love Letter to God" 

Book:  Now That's Just Stupid 

Here at Now That's Just Stupid Life Training Series, Author Debra Taylor presents all genres of speaking engagements from keynote to learn-at-lunch lectures, seminars and book clubs. Our vast array of titles can be customized to fit the audience and the goals of the event host or be adapted from the many selections within the book. Until then, check out our upcoming events.

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