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Weight Loss

NTJS: weight what?

If you are a habitual dieter and you KNOW your weight has very little to do with food or exercise and more about what is eating you then this is for you. RELEASE DATE: Available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble Fall 2018

NTJS: Living Life from Pain to Purpose

NTJS: Love Letters to God

Now That's Just Stupid

No, you aren't Stupid! But, you may do stupid things thus resulting in a downward spiral and achieving your life's mission. Why are you here? Why do you keep going around the same mountain and not getting the lesson? Why aren't you getting what you want? You have the answers, you just have to get the "stupid out of the way" and walk your journey to the other side. You have to do the work.

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No matter how much weight you lose you may never feel thin; no matter how much exercise you do--you will always see the rolls and wrinkles and you if have spent the biggest part of your life obsessing about your look and all you aren't in front of the mirror....then this book is for you! Food doesn't make you fat * chocolate doesn't make you fat * fast food doesn't make you fat * not exercising doesn't make you fat....GOING TO FOOD IN EXCESS to handle life does! Going to food to cope does, going to food to handle a crisis does, going to food for everything except physical hunger is what puts the weight on. Food is your drug of choice and for people like us we have to have our food to survive physically and WE have the extra food in our lives to survive emotionally.

This book is not about being healthy...that will come. It's not about the perfect exercise for you...that will come. THIS IS ABOUT SOLVING those issues that are buried beneath your weight and letting go of your drug of choice and healing. Is it an addiction? Yes, you are addicted to the escape and the relief it gives you from the bigger issues. This book will realistically give you the tools to solve the hard issues, the betrayals, the abuses [sexual, drugs, physical], the parent struggles, the childhood pain and everything else that sends one to food to cope. Then people don't count points, eat healthy all the time, cut out food group or live in a gym and you shouldn't have to either. You should be able to eat real food, get up a move from time to time and live out your best life! To do that we have to breakup with the dysfunctional relationship with food--start solving these issues head on and eating normally and exercising will come naturally.  Read on..

Coming Winter 2018

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Ph: 317.597.5846

If you ever loved and lost and wondered where God was during the journey this book is for you!

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Where we walk the journey thru "Weight, WHAT?"‚Äč

Released November 2016

Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S.

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